'Soft Porch': Warm Laundry Vol.3

We're happy to announce the coming of 'Soft Porch' a new compilation featuring artists from Montreal, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and Milton Keynes.


Featured on the release:


'Some way 2 feel ok', a new track from WL veteran Cavernzz, marries synths, percussion and layered harmonies to form a warm lull-- it's title perhaps aiming to trivialise weighty problems.


'Milk', a collaboration between de Bondy and other Cambridge-based act Jerskin Fendrix, is ephemeral and beautiful, and pays homage to transient feelings of warmth that we're so aware of here at WL -- after all, once it's out of the dryer, it'll only get colder.


Green Hands' 'Morning Song' is a foray into the deep and teary depths of the indie-ballad, with lead singer Jack Telford seeming to grasp something previously absent by the last chorus. It's a 'Morning Song' to be played late at night.


'Flora' marks the resurgence of WL cult favourite JKB, who once again teases us with a pithy bud of future beat, dangling it cruelly between our ears only to steal it from us before we become too comfortable.


Thin Lazy, a new project from Felix Knox (1/3 of 60's Space Engine), delves into poppy, lo-fi ethers in its track 'backspace'.


We're also fortunate to introduce Emmett McCleary, an indie-pop artist originally from Boston, who's begun to make a name for himself on the North American tour route. Having just self-released his debut album 'There's A Better Something', his latest single 'Lullabies', a track filled with honest love and earnest loss, croons and cuddles in its synth and vocal work.


For those who don't trust the longevity of the internet, the compilation can be downloaded from our music page HERE.

contact: yourfriend@warmlaundry.co.uk