'Saddest Bird In Love': Warm Laundry Vol.4

Warm Laundry is proud to present 'Saddest Bird In Love', a new Six track compilation featuring artists from London, Cambridge, Manchester and Milton Keynes.


'I Hate You, Johnny', is 60s Space Engine's most powerful track to date. It mixes clever sampling of James Brown (can you hear it? do you dig it?) and others, with floating synthesisers and gravelly guitar sounds, all to the backdrop of Rita Hayworth at her best -- what's not to like?


'Hopeless', is another elegant sad-pop ballad from Cavernzz. He makes sadness catchy, and connects us with feelings we may not like to dwell on with his circling guitar melodies and vocal work.


'Dive' is the first WL release of Lore, a Cambridge-based producer. It draws from both ambient and IDM music, and convenes in an unknown field, bopping around with the likes of Kelpe.


'Carousel' is a new track from long-time WL friend Debondy. As ever, the vocals are hauntingly beautiful, almost gothic, and echo like voices in a cave. The deep bass and percussion add to this chilling piece, and lie dark and brooding on the metaphorical cave floor.


'Consider The Cosmos Again' - New Cambridge band Nüt's first track is a driving project that rears its dark, krautesque, synth-infused head for a look into what is commonly called "space". One can't be sure whether or not it found what it wanted.


'Blue Moon' is a wandering and plaintive track from Manchester's Chappaqua Wrestling. Its beautiful percussion and slide guitar evoke hot summers somewhere in South America.


Artwork by Oli Pearce.


For those who don't trust the longevity of the internet, the compilation can be downloaded from our music page HERE.

contact: yourfriend@warmlaundry.co.uk