The Big Sleep - Lore

WL: Did the name ‘The Big Sleep’ come from the Raymond Chandler novel? Our friend Matt mentioned it, and has asked if he can write a review of your release show (19th @ Club Makossa) in the same style?


LORE: That would be awesome about Raymond Chandler, and yes it comes from ‘The Big Sleep’. At the end of the book detective Phillip Marlowe alludes to death as ‘the big sleep’.


WL: Is the EP about death then?


LORE: no and yes because the book / Philip Marlowe's constant search for truth in a 'crooked' world is all about uncovering the truth behind deaths/seemingly unrelated events and in the process of unravelling it all he discovers a lot that is and isn't true. Everyone is not really dead, or living but dead, or living through someone else and he’s trying to cut through it - so really the book and all Raymond Chandler's stuff destabilises this simple life/death stuff.


God that question is triggering a massive rant….


There’s a lot of seduction in 'not living' / not facing truths and everyone's conning each other or pretending to themselves that that’s not true. So I liked the idea of this E.P. being constructed of little moments where suddenly one feels these sorts of parameters shift whether it’s that bad or good side of ourselves willing it/or something out of our control etc.


Rant continues: the irony of it all is that I had been thinking all of this stuff in terms of the books when Martha suggested the name ‘The Big Sleep' and it hit me, so I just retrospectively rationalised things under that idea anyway. So everything I’ve said is kinda bullshit / a pretence / artificial, but that’s kind of the process of how we think about ourselves anyway


Whispers, snowy days, trembling, fortresses all make me think of private moments, reclusive moments, but I wanted to insert as much power and disturbing unease into those so called tranquil conceits.


WL: Mm I feel you. I find it weird how easy it is to post-rationalise things like that, but that's probs no bad thing. After all if what Martha said made even you think about your music in a new way, then that says a lot about the tunes and how they can be interpreted / felt. I don't think it's artificial to analyse your stuff in that way. Even lyrics can mean different things to you off the back of different things going on in your life.


WL: Do you think there's more scope in ambient music (rather than say the 'pop hits' of deathcrash, or the trap beats of LORE) to create these kind of grand storylines / atmospheres? Or do you reckon it's harder to do, without explaining the meaning beforehand like you have just done?


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LORE's E.P. 'The Big Sleep' will be released on Warm Laundry on Monday the 19th of November, and we'll be celebrating in style at Club Makossa, Dalston. More info on that here.